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Do You Think You Can Positive Think Your Way Healthy?

Positive thinking is for the birds.


Whenever I tell people this, I get one of two responses.


  1. But I watched THE SECRET! If I just believe, it’ll happen!!! I even saw that feather after I read it. I know it’s true. I know it. (UGH)
  2. Thank goodness. I keep trying and trying and it’s not getting me anywhere.





You have to actually feeeeeeeeeeeel, way down deep inside the truth of what you are attracting.


If you are trying to attract a million bucks but you are afraid to look at your bank account – it’s not gonna work. If you are trying to attract a soulmate but spend all your time judging yourself and others – You got it, it’s not gonna work. If you are trying to attract health eating McD’s every day, and being mad at people who work out – IT’S NOT GONNA WORK.


Usually, creating the belief that you can ACTUALLY have what it is you are trying to attract is more important than the attracting itself. So, how do you go about believing something that you, well, don’t believe?


You look at it with a magnifying glass. You dig down in there and see what thoughts, beliefs and ways of being are blocking you. When you see someone who has what you want, how do you react?


Are you judgmental? You have a block.

Are you jealous? You have a block.

Are you mad? You have a block.

Did you just say something nasty in your head or under your breath? You have a block.

Are you happy and excited? Honestly? Then YES! Focus on that more.


If you want to be a millionaire, you figure out how to love bills and taxes and other millionaires. If you want a new car, you stop judging people who have new cars.


If you want to lose weight, you stop telling skinny girls to eat sandwiches (yes.. even in your mind).


You start celebrating other people that have achieved what you want. You pump up your friends, your co workers and the world around you. You focus on what other people did – not to copy them, just to know that what you want is possible.


Work on the belief first. Start the affirming second.


There it is, you have it. The most important and most underused rule of the law of attraction.


You’re welcome.


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  1. NT

    Are you reading my mind? Seriously. I’m reading the “Power of Intention” and trying to understand it and get on board with it. Trying to put aside my general skepticism and open myself to something bigger than myself, but also reconcile this with my longstanding belief that you get what you work for.

    1. caitdonovan

      Lol. I might be. 😉

      You still have to work for it, just maybe not as hard as you assume. Your energy should be focused on it and if you really want something you should be willing to do whatever it takes and then allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised when you don’t have to hustle that much 🙂

      Getting your internal game on track is the most important part!

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