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Inspired By India: Let The Yoga Begin

Last night I found out I have a Vata imbalance that I should help rebalance with a Pitta diet. You can look all that up if you want and find out all sorts of good gossip about me 😉


We were given prescriptions with our dietary needs that we then gave to the chef. How wonderful is that: a prescription for food. That is just the way things should be. The right ingredients and spices are chosen to best support our bodies and we get a special menu in addition to the regular menu that we can order from if we want. So far, the food has been a little bland for me, but I expected that – all the added sugar I usually eat tends to make things more flavorful than they are in reality.

This morning, after sleeping like a log, I woke up at 5:50 (totally not normal for me, I’m a sleeper) and went to a group Hatha yoga class at 7:15. My walk to the Wind Pavilion was helped along by a monkey, a peacock and a flight of bright green birds that burst into movement right in front of me. 


Sometimes, I fail to notice the magic in moments like that in my day to day life.


It was magical and I took it as a sign that I am in the right place doing the right thing.  I did the beginner yoga class and it was perfect to start the day and to notice just how tight my body has become lately.


Why the heck don’t we always do the things that we know make us feel good? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. The yoga class this morning brought a calm into me and stopped me from feeling like my heart is shaking for the first time in 3-4 weeks. I know yoga works this way for me. I haven’t done it lately. Also, we started the class with chanting 3 om’s. I love chanting. I love the vibration that I feel in my body when I do it. It brings me home and reminds me of stillness. I haven’t chanted in Idon’tknowhowlong even though I could have really used it lately.


I, my patients, and a lot of you know what to do to be healthier but we avoid doing it. What the heck is up with that??

Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments!


In the afternoon, I had my first private yoga class and we went WAY back to basics. We did basic movement through each of the joints, no particular poses. When we got to my hips, I thought I would cry. Not because I was expecting my hips to move but because I cry when I work on them. This is probably reason number 1 why I avoid it and also reason number 1 why I need to do it. They are blocked physically but there is also an emotional block in that part of my body that I haven’t been ready to deal with yet. Now is the time.


My teacher, Sandeep, is gentle and kind. We talked a lot about implementing knowledge today. I have studied everything around alternative health for so long that there isn’t much that surprises me. What I realized though, above all, is that all that knowledge is useless without practice. I have been struggling to make yoga a consistent part of my life for at least 7 years, if not more. It isn’t that I don’t know how much better I feel when I practice. Also I realize that starting a solid practice now radically improves my chances of staying healthy as I age.


So, my question during meditation and quiet time over the next 9 days is the question I asked you to answer above:


Why is it that I struggle to do the things to keep myself healthy despite everything I know?


Time to contemplate on that.

P.S. In the picture above there are two mugs. We are served this at lunch and dinner. The right mug is a combo of watermelon, mint, salt and something else that is meant to be taken before the meal. The left is a mixture of herbs (I could taste gan cao – licorice and cumin seeds) specific to my dosha imbalance that I should drink throughout the meal. 🙂 Both of them serve the purpose of aiding digestion and removing imbalance. I <3 it  🙂


  1. Ewa Blaszczak

    Answering your questions. My first though was this – what would our egos do if we allowed our bodies and spirits heal and take over?

    1. caitdonovan

      The hope is that it dissipates. Ceases to exist. Right now, I don’t believe that’s possible for someone living in the ‘normal’ world, but the teacher last night seems to think it is. Without the ego, you recognize your total oneness with the universe and everything you need comes to you with ease.

  2. Chloe

    Love to read about your exciting journey.

    Hope all you are experiencing and learning you will be able to share with us even though we are so far apart.
    I am unbalanced, lol, and would truly benefit from your expertise.

    The balancing of nutritional intake and body cleanse of toxins/pollutants combined with spiritual awareness would be extremely welcomed.

    Thank you for sharing and being our vehicle to improved health.

    1. caitdonovan

      Thank you Chloe! I am unbalanced myself, so we can wiggle our way through together 😉

  3. Chris Donovan

    I think I struggle to do the things that keep me healthy because it takes a lot of effort. Granted, when I make the effort it it so worth it, but it is effort, nonetheless…especially the healthy cooking…ugh! In this world of instant gratification, effort today for gratification next month might not be immediate enough…gotta get past this.

    1. caitdonovan

      It’s interesting to me that it feels like so much effort. It feels that way to me too – but then when I don’t do it my life feels heavy. Carrying around a heavy life is also effort. The question then becomes why are we ok with efforting through the side effects of not taking care of ourselves but we are not ok with efforting to avoid those things… is one of them really more effort than the other?

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