Exercise For A Sense Of Control Over Your Life

Exercise. There are so many options these days. You really don’t even need to leave your house to exercise. The number of online options is incredible and the prices keep dropping. I exercise because it helps me stay in shape, but mostly I exercise because I love the feeling of being strong. When I feel strong physically, I feel strong mentally and emotionally as well. Exercising, for me, increases my ‘can do’ attitude and makes life better and easier.

I know some people do better in a group environment – so do that if it works for you! Find a local gym with a class that you like. We all know that in order to exercise regularly, you should enjoy what you are doing. If you need a bunch of people and loud music, find a cycling studio or a Zumba class. If you want peace and quiet and light movement, you should probably check out Yin Yoga.

I love the ability to pilates and yoga myself into my mornings without having to spend the time leaving the house. Living in a city without a car, I need to factor in travel time. I don’t always enjoy traveling 30 minutes to exercise for 60 and then travel back 30 minutes.¬†The class has to be worth it (and I LOVE fitbox).

I use two places for the majority of my exercise when I don’t go to they gym due to their ease and availability:


Robin Long’s Online Pilates

I love the option of 10-15 minute classes because it allows me to check off exercise for the day and starts my day off feeling strong.

Watch my video of remembering how I feel post exercise:

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