3 Kitchen Ingredients + 1 Shower = Softer Skin ***VIDEO***

Hey you!

So nice to be here today with a new video. I love kitchen cabinet ingredients that I can use in the bathroom as you already saw here and here.

The weather in Prague has been absolute garbage. It is the end of April and we are still hanging on to winter! There was even a hail storm today. Ugh.

In this never ending cold weather, my skin gets drier than dry, how about yours?

This is my favorite way to keep my skin soft, keep the circulation going, and scrub away that dryness:

Coffee. Sugar. Oil.

Watch the video for a full explanation 🙂


  1. Chris Donovan

    I’m loving my pomegranate/oil/sugar scrub…a souvenir from our road trip…dad uses it too! Yummy.

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