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How many doctors or specialists have you gone to in order to heal your pain, headaches, migraines, digestive troubles, anxiety, depression, etc.!?!

How many medicines have you tried? 

How frustrated are you that this problem is still plaguing you? 

How much better would you feel if someone would finally take the time to listen to your WHOLE STORY and help you connect the dots? 

I have seen, first hand, for over a decade the frustration that arises from not feeling listened to and heard by your doctors. You come to me as your last resort, after you've tried everything else. By the time I see you, you are sick and tired of being sick and tired - and ignored. And guess what?


One of my best skills is the ability to see you as an individual, different from anyone I have ever seen. I love seeing your uniqueness and finding out who you are. My second best skill is the ability to see the interconnectedness of your symptoms, your life, your emotions and your mindset. Over the years, I have helped countless people reconnect their minds and bodies and better understand where their symptoms are coming from. I'll notice patterns that you've never seen. 

And my patients agree. They ask if they can clone me, shrink me and put me in their pockets. They joke with one another.. WWCS? What would Cait Say? They wait to talk to me before big decisions. They asked me to help their mothers, sisters and friends. 

And I responded.  And now you can get in on the action too. 

Soon, I'll be putting together a Work With Me page to describe how we can work together online, no matter where you are in the world. 

Stay tuned, it's about to get exciting in here. 

The People I am Lucky to work with say this

  • After years of enduring a painful lower back and trying every treatment going, including steroid injections, I had given up hope that anything, short of an operation, could help. Then I was persuaded to give acupuncture a try, by friends who you had successfully treated, and even after the first session felt a difference. A year later, I don't think I'm exaggerating to say you saved my sanity. As well as the physical improvement, which has been immense, my whole mindset towards my back problem has changed and also my whole outlook regarding managing it. I will miss the treatments yes, but perhaps more I will miss our chats and your no-nonsense, take no sh1t attitude to life, combined with your caring approach and calming glow. Thank you for your frankness, your healing hands and the times you have kicked my ass. I will endeavour to remember your teaching in this next chapter of my life, but rest assured, when I am back in Prague I will be visiting you! With thanks from a true convert

  • You think at first that you need to see Caitlin for help with a physical issue, but as soon as you honestly answer her opening "so tell me what's going on with you" question, you are guided to realize that the many parts of our body and mind are interconnected. I have learned that our bodies give us signals that should not be just brushed away, and it has the beautiful capability of healing. No tears nor laughs need be held back in her care, and there are no taboo topics. You genuinely feel that she only has your best interests at heart and will do her very best to help you find balance - both physically and mentally. She's always fighting on your side and offers very pragmatic advice. An appointment with Caitlin is like having a cup of tea with your best friend.

  • I have had acupuncture many times. I believe in its efficacy. I also have had bad acupuncture, so I do know there is a difference in the experience and ability of different practitioners. Of course I was expecting someone who was knowledgeable and good at what they do, what I wasn't ready for was how intuitive Caitlin was. Not only did she allow us to build a relationship that enabled her to go deeper with treatment, but she channeled her intuition to help me go beyond what I even was needing (or that I needed) in the moment. She is a true healer in every sense of the word, and acupuncture is her method of expression to heal, but I felt I received much more than an acupuncture session.


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